Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thrifting in Singapore

Ever since I got introduced to thrifting in year 1  when I was in Lasalle. I never looked at clothing the same ever again. I always find most clothes from H&M and New Look are not value for money. Plus most of the times I won't be able to fit into the clothes, especially pants or skirts because my waist is way too skinny. So I either get my clothes from Blog shops like LoveBonito, MDS or Eight Slate because their XS is really extra small. 

The first time I went thrifting I got overwhelmed by the clothes and the PRICE! Everything was soo cheap! The average price of the clothes range from $2-15. 

Here are something mistakes I made when I first started thrifting. 
(Clothes that I haven't worn it out before because it is either too big or because it isn't my style)

Problem number 1

The first and biggest problem when I start thrifting would be whatever I saw that is cheap I wanted to get  that.  Even though the dress or shirt is M and I am an XS I still needed to get it.  As a result I spend quite a lot and in return i donated back 2/3 of the  clothes. 

(Right- Scored some awesome finds. I love the Ralph Lauren crop top although there were a few stains on it.
Left-  My first purchase from thrifting. I used the bag so often that the strap and hook came out. )

Problem number 2

Sometimes when i get. Example I saw an Alexander Mcqueen dress that I saw a few trips back and it only cost $20 but it was xl I know I wouldn't wear it but my mind just keeps playing tricks at I  that I  will one day become fatter or i can save it when i get pregnant. (That  happens to me a lot hahah)
( I am not very into prints but I couldn't stop myself from purchasing because there were flowers on it and a giraffe)

Problem number 3

You saw a dress and you are not sure you would want to buy it so you hang it back on the rack. Somebody else took it and tried it on and puts it back on the rack. The percentage of you wanting to buy that dress increased to 100%
So I came out with a few rules for myself when I go thrifting . 

1. Buy only things you can wear. This help me cut down from $50-20 worth of clothes
2. Quality is more important than quantity
3. Is it worth buying? Not all clothing's in the thrift store is worth the money. Some might have holes and stains and it cost $10. Might be cheap but is it worth it? 
4. It is okay leaving empty handed. Well at least you get to save some money!

So far New2u is my favorite thrift store because it is convenient and the people there are friendly. Though not every time you get to hit a jackpot. Best part is that the money will go to Star Shelter to help Women and children who are victims of family violence. 

Can't wait to share more of my thrifting finds in the future.


96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967

Opening Hours: Monday- Friday 10.30-2.30pm