Monday, June 22, 2015

Crab cake burger, peanut butter toast and the best Lemonade on Earth! Reminded me of  Lemonade I had in LA

Sisterly date with my sister who looks like me and people often think that we are twins. And everybody thinks that I am the older one because I am taller than her. People always think that the younger sibling will be more adventurous and more out going. In our case my sister is more adventurous. She has way more balls than I do. Can't imagine she can travel to a foreign place by herself . She even visited the Old Melbourne Gaol. Even by seeing the people she took I can cry. I don't think she would want to take a roller coaster that has a 360 degree loop or kayaking or rock climbing though. That is something I would do and she wouldn't. 

Thank you jie jie for constantly shower me with love although sometimes I find you irritating TEHEHH