Monday, July 6, 2015

What is it like to be an artist?

(My favorite photo of S)

Being an artist isn't all glamourous and money doesn't come easily. I got a little glimpse of what an artist life was when I was studying in an art school for 3 years. And of course seeing how S works his way through the art industry. It isn't easy. Which makes me respect artist even more. Especially those in Singapore. 

Singapore doesn't really support or recognize local artist as much as other countries like America or Australia. You really got to find ways and means to get an artist residency or try your luck on getting a grant from the NAC (National Art Council) Though I must say that Singapore has opened up a lot to the art scene recently. I think you will not be able to get an answer if you asked a random stranger  who has no art back ground on the street to name 3 local artist . Which is quite sad. When I ask my students about an artist they know about they will say Van Goh, and sadly thats the only artist that they know.

Buying art materials isn't cheap and it is like an investment. You buy good quality paints, paper or canvas in return you will get a better painting or print. However you might do 20 pieces of works but only manage to sell 1. Well, I people might say that being an artist isn't all about selling works. Some people might think that even if they don't sell it is fine. Which is pretty unrealistic because you wont have any income to support your self.