Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why I gave up my American citizenship

Finally the day has come for me to take the oath of allegiance in Singapore. The entire process of renunciating my citizenship  was very troublesome . I am glad it is over. Yay, finally no worries about being stateless! I had been reading so many articles about being stateless in Singapore because they didn't take the oath or renounce their citizenship.  And they had trouble applying for a citizenship  which makes it even harder if they are guys because they cannot apply a house or work in Singapore. 

Anyway,  the whole process of taking the oath and officially become a Singaporean was very fast. Within 2 hours I was done! Could be less but I was quite confused on where to go.  So if you are in my shoes and do not know where to go. Just go straight to Level 6 and take a queue number for Oath taking.
There are a few option : Enquiry, Collection of documents, Oath taking, Application of citizenship. I took a queue number for enquiry which made me wait for 1 hr plus. Little did I know that all I needed to do was to take a queue number for the Oath taking and within 1 hr I would be done. Well lesson learned. Anyway I doubt I will be going through this process again.