Sunday, January 11, 2015

Virgin hospital stay

I had been sick for at least 10 days and I knew that I had UTI (Urinary Track Infection) which led to constipation and back pain. The pain comes and goes and I thought I was fine until one day I had pain on my right back and had crazy high fever , 39 degrees to be exact. I thought it was nothing so I took panadol to subside the fever. 

The next day 15 January (Thursday), the fever subsided but I was still having fever. Walking was an issue because I was dizzy and had very bad back pain. I thought it was because of bad posture. I even bargained with my mom so that I don't need to see the dr. But she insisted (Thank God).

Went to my GP and when I told him that I had UTI for 10 days he immediately made me take a urine test which turned out for the worse. There were abnormally high amount of protein in my urine so I was immediately referred to the hospital. I didn't know it was that serious to the extend that I was at the emergency department and could cut all the queues. I was shivering by then so I had to use the wheel chair which was err... fun? Had to wait for consultation and take more blood test and urine test. Well I am usually scared of needles but when they had problem searching for a good vein to poke.. that's a whole new different story. I fainted after the third try because they forced the needle through. (Well I know they are just doing their job) Everything went blank and I felt like jelly. Worse feeling ever. (But I think they managed to draw a tiny winy bit of blood that was enough for the blood test.) And I was awarded the striking pink fall risk tag. The tag that nobody wants. After that I had to take a series of xtrays and had to wait for a bed at EDTC. Seriously I thought I could be discharged within 8 hrs. But results showed that there were bacteria in my blood and my urine had way too much protein. 
Finally got a bed in the ward all I wanted to do was sleep.
My very fashionable accessory for the past 5 days
How I look like on photo  for one 1min
How I actually look like majority of the time

Very thankful for my family and S to come down all the way just to look after me. It must be really tiring. 

16 January (Friday) - I stayed in EDTC till my time there got expired (haha) I honestly thought that all was well because I didn't feel any pain when I peed but my white blood count was abnormally high it was around 34 which makes feel like I always need to faint. Since there were no beds in the general ward I get to stay in EDTC for another day.

17 January (Saturday)- I had to go for ultra sound test to see whether there are any stones or anything abnormal in my kidneys since it hurt so badly. Thank God all is well. However during lunch time my fever went up to 39 degrees again. so that means another stay in the hospital. Which made me very angry with myself. I finally got a bed at the general ward. I didn't want to take B2 or B1 because I didn't expect myself to stay for that long

18 January (Sunday)- Mummys' birthday, the day that I thought I can surprise her by saying I can discharged but I guess not because I had fever on the previous night. I was feeling better because so many people came to visit. When people come to visit it really brightens up my day. I had to take a blood culture test which was quite scary because the amount of blood they draw out is ridiculous at least 3 glass bottles. But Thank God it was quick and snappy. My appetite came back and I was drinking a lot of water. But... the fever came back that night. Which means I won't be able to go home the next day. Which made me cry the whole night. Yea big girls do cry.

19 January ( Monday)- Dr said that I can only go home on Tuesday because the blood culture test results will take around 2 days. But well he said that I look good so most likely I would be able to go home the next day. Which was GREAT news. The only sad news on that day was that the old lady infront of me passed away, the police came to investigate so the day ended on a very quiet note.

20 January (Tuesday) Dr confirmed negative for blood culture test at around 2pm however I had to take a bladder and ecg test because when I first took it, it wasn't good. But all the results turned out well so I was home bound!